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Believing in Values-based Education

3 February 2020
Believing in Values-based Education

In my last blog, I discussed how our core values will be further highlighted at Mountford Manor Primary School under my headship. The increased emphasis we place on our values will help to develop an excellent school environment that facilitates learning and opportunities for all pupils.

The values will not just be crucial for the development of our school community, but also to the relevance and quality of our teaching. They will pervade everything we do and guide our teaching to further improve outcomes for our pupils.

The method of placing these values at the centre of our teaching is called values-based education (VbE). VbE is an approach to teaching that utilises values to create a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops pupils’ social and relationship skills. The successful learning environment is established by staff modelling these positive values throughout the school.

VbE allows us to underpin our curriculum with positive human values. This results in pupils developing strong ethics and morals as well as being driven to learn, thrive, and help others succeed. In doing so, we develop our pupils as young people, as well as learners.

Values-based education is something that I am extremely passionate about. I believe implementing this teaching method will enforce an array of positive outcomes that benefit every member of our school community.

My commitment to the style of teaching is shared and supported by The White Horse Federation. Their assistance empowers us, as a school, to make great strides forward and provide our pupils with the quality of education they deserve.

Lee Edmonds

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