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A Paean to National Poetry Day

1 October 2020
A Paean to National Poetry Day

“Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful” Rita Dove

Learning the art of communication is a key part of a child’s education. It’s a foundation from which they can investigate, question, explore, and express themselves. Communication comes in many forms: verbal, non-verbal, written, visual, and listening. Perhaps the most artistic and expressive type communication vehicle is poetry.

Today is 1st October, which means today is National Poetry Day. On this day, schools, libraries, bookshops, businesses, and organisations across the United Kingdom are hosting events to bring people together and celebrate the beauty and power of poetry.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Vision’. An exercise in opening up new perspectives, poetry can help both its creators and readers see things that they couldn’t see in any other way.

At Mountford Manor, teachers read their favourite Poems to their class, and Mr Edmonds even read his favourite poem (The River by Valerie Bloom) during celebration assembly!

As our pupils start and continue to develop their communication and literacy skills, poetry is a great way to make sure each lesson is engaging and exciting. When the children write poetry, they combine their grasp of literacy and communication with their creative instincts. The results are often spectacular and allow our pupils to fully express themselves.

Celebrating National Poetry Day is always exciting, and as we take the opportunity to introduce our children to some of the best works from the greatest poets, we help them to better express themselves and explore their creativity.

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