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Staff and Pupils Aiming to Beat the Street

2 October 2019
Staff and Pupils Aiming to Beat the Street

Establishing an active, energetic lifestyle at an early age sets children up for a healthy future. However, in the modern world, with the distractions of the internet, social media, video games, and fast food, it’s harder than ever to encourage children to be active.

At Mountford Manor Primary School, we recognise that it is partly our responsibility to encourage our pupils to be active and help them avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. That is why, this autumn, we are taking part in the Swindon Beat the Street competition.

Beat the Street is a fun, free competition that turns the entire town of Swindon into a game. The competition, which started on 25th September, runs for six weeks, finishing on 6th November. During this time, schools and their pupils are tasked with walking, cycling, and running as far as possible in the town. At the end of the six weeks, the mileage is counted up, and the teams with the highest combined scores win prizes for their schools.

If you’re wondering how to rack up the miles, it’s easy! Everyone who takes part is given a fob that they need to register on the Beat the Street website. There are exactly 198 recording stations — called ‘beat boxes’ — dotted around the town. To begin, go to your nearest beat box and tap the fob against it until the box beeps and flashes. Then, you have one hour to reach another beat box, at which point, you repeat the process to log your miles. You can carry on your journey for as long as you like; just be sure to tap your fob on every beat box you see to keep scoring points!

By making this a team competition, we hope to motivate our pupils and their families to get out and about. Beat the Street adds further incentive for children to increase the amount of exercise they get daily and gives them an opportunity to explore the town.

So, what are you waiting for? Get involved and help our school win!

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