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School Council

At Mountford Manor Primary School we have a large school council with 14 members and 2 pupil governors. We have 2 members from each year group from reception to year 6. We hold meetings every other week but if we have an event to arrange we hold them every week. Our head of school council is Miss Handy, she helps us to arrange our events and listens to our ideas and takes them back to our principal. We arrange two main events every year which are the summer fete and the Christmas bazaar. All monies raised from these events goes back into the school, such as new playground equipment and things that will benefit all the children at Mountford Manor Primary School.

Pupil Governors

The 2 pupil governors represent our school at full governing body meetings. We have a year 6 and a year 5 pupil to represent our school. They get involved in the meetings by answering questions from the governors and executive principals. They also feed back to the school council on what was discussed at the meetings. They then work on questions for the next meetings set by the executive principals and the governors.

Head Boy and Head Girl

The head boy and girl are chosen from the year 6 pupils. These are pupils who make excellent role models, work hard and are polite and well mannered. Some of their responsibilities are showing visitors around our school, help to set up the hall for assemblies; they also work closely with the school prefects.

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